great cooks

dinner tonight was great. loved it. kenny was the main chef tonight, making baked chicken drumsticks with boiled mixed vegetables and brown gravy. i made honey vanilla pudding, from a recipe i got off the internet last night. i put together sara lee’s peach mango cheesecake, pudding and fresh strawberries for desert. *burppppp* both main and desert were yummilicious.

and i just made blueberry muffins for brekkie tmr morning. the whole house smells so good now. i don’t know if i can wait till tmr morning to eat those muffins. haha.

e’an’s gonna make her ‘ulynn’s famous tiramisu’ again, for her anniversary with kenny on tues. so the couple’s going out to have a nice romantic dinner, and i’m inviting one of my friends over for dinner. it’s hard to cook for just one, ya know? i’m going to make shepherd’s pie and maybe choco & vanilla pudding again.

all these talk abt food, is making me drool, and my waistline’s expanding!!!

on a side note: e’an and i learnt how to play mahjong from kenny, and the 3 of us are playing it almost everynight. die laaaaaa, how to study like that?


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