i missed my lesson

as my dear housemate is taking her usual afternoon nap and her fella still playing winning 11 in the next room, i’m trying to study. key word: trying.

last night, the couple went out to subi to have a lovely, romantic dinner while i invited my friend over for dinner. and the couple, never to give up a moment to tease me, went on relentlessly abt how ‘excited’ i am to have dinner with my lover boy. lover boy my ass. and ms see didn’t stop even when ‘lover boy’ was over at our place. so embarrassing lahhhhhhhh

‘lover boy’ didn’t have internet since we came back, so i took the opportunity to chat and catch up with him last night. he’s always my trusty gossip provider. haha. so we had blueberry muffins (coz shepherd’s pie was still baking in the oven), gossip sessions, shepherd’s pie and choco pudding. choco pudding was a flop though, so paiseh.

shortly after, the couple came back, and we had the highlight of the day: mahjong!!! yesterday i think i was high on an unknown substance, for some weird reason, e’an and i were talking non-stop, like super chatty kind. and i forgot to take my tiles at the start of the game, so i was crippled for TWO games. lost money to mr lo. #%&%^%#$

i swear, there is no way i’m going to play mahjong until 1am on a tuesday ever again. i was so dead tired at the end of mahjong, but still had to study till 3am coz i had an audit tute today. i missed this morning’s SM lecture. darn.

and i changed my audit tute to be the same as ‘lover boy’. now then i know he’s damn damn damn smart. i better study too.

jaccy: are you still saving up to come over? pls stop spending money unnecessarily. whenever you want to do something stupid, think of ms daphy tan and put that money into the piggy bank. my parents are coming over in sept too, maybe we can go travel together or something. best if you come over during the study week, you can make up the 4th player for our mahjong sessions! hahahah…


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