money out, no money in

today’s friday, and since it’s friday, we do what we usually do. eat out, and shop in the city. and indeed, we started spending money since the afternoon.

i first bought my last of my 3 required texts… bloody expensive can!!! even after discount, it was $100! i dunno what’s wrong with australia lah, every single textbook is so expensive. then i spent $250 on the shared car *mental note: still owe ms see $250, due sept*. in the city, another $60 was spent on valleygirl. AND i saw another pretty chic jacket from sportsgirl, $120. tsk tsk tsk… i’m so going to buy that jacket, but i’ll need to work out my expenses first… and i still need to set aside $130 for bills, $260 for rent, and abt $60 for lush mail order.*sigh* i can’t wait for sept already.

pictures tmr, camera’s batteries are flat now.

ps: hope my lesbie partner’s feeling better… hugs.


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