me love shopping and lush

i finally met up with ‘soap friend’ today after morning lecture. she’s lovely and generous as usual. she gave me lots of stuff – bubble bars, soaps, more bubble bars and soaps. to you who do not love lush, it’s just soap. but it’s good soap, and very nice scents too i must say.

after which, i went on to myer and ordered in the keds that i wanted. i think my size was sold out coz it was featured in ‘in style’, a popular aussie mag here. i hope they have it… i have to wait anything between 10 days to 3 weeks for them to transfer the shoes over to the city myer. =( i can’t wait!!!

then after class, the housemates and i went for a little shopping trip again. i bought slippers and a nautical bag! love love love. the last pic is the sportsgirl jacket that i bought last week. i actually still have some stuff from valleygirl that’re sitting in the plastic bag, but i’m just too lazy to go take them out and snap pictures now.

the parents are coming over in 2 wks time… i wish time would just fly by… i want to spend time with them!!! esp when i hardly log into msn now, i hardly talk to them… =( jaccy, i wish you could come over too…


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