dances the happy dance

*prances around, gleefully*

ma, pa and JAC are coming in 2 wks time!!! yay!!! jac finally made it… i was happily taking my nightly lush shower routine when e’an demanded me to open the door, saying jac’s on the phone. unhappy i was, but i still answered the phone *tsk tsk… interrupt my ritual… hahaha*. glad i did! she was halfway thru booking her air-tix, and called to ask when’s a good date. but now, i gotta think of accomodation, coz there’s no way my parents and jac are going to sleep with me! even if my dad’s willing to sleep on the sofa bed downstairs, i don’t want him to do so… coz he snores damn loud. it’s bad enough having one kenny here, i don’t want e’an to suffer from serious insomnia. hehe.

and i finally finished my damn chinese assignment. bloody hell… 10% of the total grade, requires us to do so much work… translation of a bloody difficult newspaper article (htf would i know what’s the chinese equivalent of ‘standing commitee of national people’s congress’?!!), a summary, a CV cover letter and an essay. all that for just 10%?!

and i’ve got audit lect tmr morning, gotta pick up my soap parcel from the PO after class (stupid lady refuses to work a bit of OT) and maybe get directions on how to get to my interview location. earlier on, before dinner, this guy from a marketing firm called me up asking me if i was still interested in looking for a part-time job. i gather that it’s a pretty small firm, fancy the boss himself calling me up! but i’m also abit doubtful abt the company, sounds quite dodgy, so i’m gonna make a trip down to the building, take a look, and decide if i really want to go ahead with the interview on saturday morning.

oh yeah, shopping and mahjong tmr!!!

-daphne the crazy puck!


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