an update

since my housemate asked me ‘why you so long never update your blog’, i shall give a quick one now. nothing really interesting in particular though.

my keds finally arrived, so yay for that. i can’t wait for monday to wear them, hopefully it’s not gloomy or anything like that coz i don’t want to dirty my shoes by wearing them on a wet day. other than that, they’re really cute, and maybe, just maybe, i might get another pair while the parents are here if they prove to be really comfy.

i spent money on shopping at supre again, but nothing suitable for presentation on thursday. i have an idea to just feign illness and not attend class that day. hate hate hate. anyway, i bought this charm necklace at supre, that remotely resembles the one selling at sportsgirl, for only 10 bucks! how cheap!

7 days to the arrival of the parents, minus 1 day for jaccy! seeing how addicted and crazy over lush, i might just bring the parents and jaccy to garden city, in an attempt to get mum to buy me some more lush, and possibly get some stuff for her too. i hope we manage to book the resort with bathtubs… *hidden agenda: i wanna use my lush. hehe* here are some pictures i stole from the internet

i really should be mugging hard for my audit test due tuesday, but somehow, i keep surfing the internet for places to visit in margaret river.

3 more days to my audit test, i’ve got 6 chapters to study for that test, and i’m only halfway thru the first. i’m so gonna die lahhhhhhhhhh

my internet is still as fucked up as usual… it’s getting worse in fact. i get disconnected every 2 mins. i can’t even log into msn or gmail chat to talk to my friends. i’m getting really really irritated.


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