the sian part of holidays

holidays are just round the corner, i can smell them. i have even planned a shopping trip with jaccy tmr! *mental note: don’t get so excited abt shopping trip, must remember to pick jaccy up from airport* also planned to drive down to margaret river and have all the wines, chocolates, cheese and gourmet foods in the world with jaccy and the parents. it sure would be great fun.

but i also have to study for the bloody damn test on monday. tsm. wtf was melvin wee thinking when he set the test date?!?!!!! didn’t he know that it’s the holidays? fuck fuck fuck lah. damn bloody sian now. i just had the craziest week ever (4 days of audit revision, completed 20% report and 20% presentation today) this semester, holidays coming but yet i can’t relax for a wee bit?

i’m going to rent some dvds with the housemates in a while , then come back and have a lush shower, just to cheer me up. after that, probably a movie and start on revision. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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