some super overdued pictures

Dear housemate, K Lo, enjoying his meal so much that he can’t resist picking up the rice pot and eating straight from there. No bowls needed. Save the time of washing one extra bowl too. Hehe.
One of the reasons why I like Australian cars. How cool is this car plate?! So much better than the boring SBT 1145E or whatever shit we see all day.

I took the above two pictures coz I found the slippers really cute. It was K Lo’s gift to Missy. Now Missy wears them all the time. And sometimes, she even calls her own feet “nemo feet” -_-“

This is taken during one of those shopping trips (yes, yet another) with Missy. Narcisstic girl over here… hahaha. But the dress is really pretty. So is the hefty price tag… AUD$149 is it?
I took this picture when I was about to leave Currie Hall last semester, before I went back to Singapore for the winter break. Didn’t care much for the cars, was mainly looking at the trees… weather was turning cold, and winter was arriving then. And now, winter is going, spring is here. Sorry, photo is way too long overdued, but still, I like this picture. Can also see Peng’s beloved car.

Talking about him, as reckless and wild he may be, he’s still a very nice friend to me ok. And Missy, he’s not one of my weird friends… he’s just different… like how Roy is to K Lo. Well, at the very least, Peng does NOT do black magic! =P


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