all present!

in approximately 5 hours, i’ll see my ma and pa! yesterday was really busy for me. lecture in the morning, after which off to paul’s i go, then interview at dalkeith, back to paul’s. home for a short while, settled accomodation for roadtrip, off to rent car, airport, supre, northbridge, and finally back home to cook dinner. phew. was i exhausted after paul and jac went back. i was nodding off at my laptop when i updated my blog with pictures last night. i was sleeping soundly by 1230am. something that hasn’t happened for a mth or so!

now i’m just waiting for jac to get ready then we can go grocery shopping already. i wonder how did the pme test go for the couple. they didn’t really have much time to study for it, and i think they were up till late last night. *i was sleeping soundly like a pig…* anyway, Missy, to cheer you up from the sucky ITF and maybe PME tests, jac said you look prettier in real life than in photos!

3 days to Margaret River!


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