catching up on blogs and gossip, not work

jialat lah. i’m so lazy, i lack self-discipline to study. my fsa notes have been placed in front of me for the past 2 hours, but i hvn’t even gotten past 8 slides. instead, what hv i been doing? downloading csi episodes, latest music, reading blogs, surfing forums, laughing at some certain individuals, going thru my very cluttered harddisks and reminiscing the past. HOW TO GET CREDITS AND DISTINCTIONS LIKE THAT?!

anyway, so i’ve been reading blogs. some blogs are interesting, some are boring shit. i bet mine’s the latter. then i came across justin’s blog which i hvn’t read in ages coz that boy hasn’t updated in ages too. and it led me to think. he linked me on his blog. his blog is read by ppl whom i know, whom i’m ok with, and whom i’m not ok with. who exactly is reading my blog? so should i still blog abt those ppl whom i’m not ok with, for fear of offending them? or shld i be an angel and self-censor? but then again, if i self-censor and cut out the bitching parts, then my blog lagi boring. ppl read blogs for fun and gossip, no? and also, if i self-censor, then it wldn’t be me anymore. coz i’m a bitch by nature. a straight-forward bitch who bitches and says anything that is on her mind. right?

then missy and i were (still) bitching abt certain individuals that we were kinda sick of. weird ppl who claim to be A, but still do B. like wtf, are you having some split personality?! ppl who leech onto you endlessly, so much so that you can’t breathe. *mental note: better switch on bitch mode to ward off weirdos*

and i finally deleted some stuff off my harddisk to free up the space. some stuff that i shld have deleted a long time ago, but i didn’t. i’m glad that i finally did. i wondered what took me so long to realise my mistake of holding on, and finally let go. well, at least, now i’ve got space and memory for other things. life’s too short to dwell on stupid things and ppl.

back to the books.


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