just me and my HOMIES

haha, me trying act like a hip-hopper. but no baby freezes, i promise! *haha* anyway, dear jaccyy, yes of course i rmb spike lookalike. hey, i wasn’t even drunk ok. and i’m certainly not hooked onto that beefy chunky monkey gavin *it’s gavin, not galvin lah*. i can even rmb that spikey was wearing a white adidas tshirt and jacket. and you mentioned something about his hips. haha.

and to my dear housemates who are worried abt my sex life, don’t worry. it’s been all taken care of. *winks* stop trying to get me a bf lah! well… unless he’s rich and don’t mind a fugly slantie. =P

i have no freaking idea what am i talking about now. back to csi and fsa.


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