him, after all these years.

i think i’m really going to give up. throw in the towel. whatever you call it. i have had enough. and to think i had such a wonderful dream about him last night. something about him and me. something nice, something sweet. to think. as people say, you wake up to reality. yeah, i’m waking up to bloody reality.

after 8 years, i’m sick and tired of the way he treats me. since young, i let him boss me around, bully me, treat me like dirt. and i still stuck by him, giving in to him. then he changed, for the better, while he was over there. happiness is short-lived. VERY short-lived. back to the same ol’ ways once he’s back.

i’m not going to let him fuck me around like this anymore. sick and tired of being nice daphne, listening to him complain about his girlfriends, and being nice to me when he feels like it (and only IF he feels like it, which is like never).

seriously give up already. maybe this is for the better, maybe not. i don’t know what am i doing, but i’m really irritated.

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