no more ruby room

so last week, right after my filled-with-angst entry, we hopped down to ruby room. one word abt it: gross. to elaborate, i’ll use four words: return of the awis. *awis’s our term for aboriginals* the whole place was filled with ang mohs and awis. not that i’m racist or what, but the awis stank, and they were scary. and there were many near-fights, lots of broken glass on the dance floor, and i cut my finger on a piece of glass stuck to the sole of my shoe.*shudders at the thought of ruby room* i don’t know why baby freeze enjoys that place.

only metro please. i rather viet gangsters than awis.


exams’ coming up soon, meaning end of semester soon, meaning lots of assignments due soon, meaning i’m buried with work. bahhhhhhhhhh

anyway, what’s with ppl having blogs and not updating them? *stares at blip with big round eyes*


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