omg, i was almost cheated…

i was reading news on yahoo sg, and came across this article.

Cases of criminals cheating cashiers of their cash are on the increase. Ten such cases were recorded last month, compared with six since the beginning of the year. The crime involves criminals asking to pay for small items with large notes. They then ask for the note back, saying they have a smaller note to pay for the item. In the confusion, the culprits manage to take not only their initial payment but the change for the payment as well. In one case on September 9 at Clementi Avenue 3, a cashier was deceived when three men asked to pay for their food separately with $50 notes. A total of $140 was stolen. Police are advising cashiers to be alert and not to hand over cash until they have determined the correct amount of change. – CNA/ir

OMG! This brings me back to the time where I worked at Face Shop… a certain China man did the exact same thing! He used a $50 note to pay for some items (out of which were makeup sponges! weirdo), then later said that he’s got some small change, and requested to get his $50 back, which I promptly returned him. Then he proceeded to tell me that I have yet to give him his change (abt $40+). I told him he hasn’t even paid me the small change he said he had. He insisted that I haven’t given him his change. This went back and forth for a while, till the queue at the cashier got so long, and me so fed up. But luckily, I didn’t lose my cool and didn’t get blur. He paid me in small change after all, and left with his stuff (many small cosmetics). HA! Want to cheat me… loser… try again! Bloody hell… he should have known better… where got guys buy makeup sponge one?! And no, he’s no metrosexual… he’s a xiang ba lao ok!


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