just another day in my life

same ol’ same ol’… it’s just the usual stuff… i embarrassed myself in front of a lift full of people. story was, i was with the housemates, and we were on the topic of internet talk (like people must type ‘pwetty’ instead of ‘pretty’ and ‘powderful’ instead of ‘powerful’, just stuff like that). so we were waiting for the lift, and just happened that i blurted out ‘siwwy bunny’ (aiyah, i read nicole’s blog and kena influenced lah!) and the door opened! the lift was filled with people, and the housemates started laughing at me… so so so damn paiseh can! and the 3 of us couldn’t stop giggling until we reached ground floor…

but onto happy things, i got myself a pretty good bargain today! i bought a tshirt from oneteaspoon, and it only costs me au$27! how cheap!!! and i didn’t even know it coz i took it from the normal price rack (salesgirl forgot it was on offer too), until the salesgirl offered me a 10% discount on it coz there was a little stain. so i asked if there was a new piece, she checked, and realised it was on half price! so i just got it. if the stain comes off, good for me. if it doesn’t, i can bring it back and get a refund! good deal right?!

and i also bought a pair of lemon keds! i’ve already got the cherries, so i thought the lemons would be cute too… no discount, but i’m happy! like what missy says, once i like a brand, i’m hardcore and go all the way! missy zui dong wo de xin! hehe.


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