new occupation

today, the housemates and i finally got our fat asses off our swivel chairs and had a good workout cleaning the house. the day started with missy cooking us lunch, me vacuuming the house, k lo washing the toilets and mopping the floor. after lunch, the dreaded OPERATION FISH POND. someone please tell us why we’re just smart asses, gei kiang promise our landlords that we want to keep the fish pond?! we spent a good 2 hours cleaning the pond, scrubbing algae, cleaning pebbles and pond ornaments! wah lao… i think we’re now professional pond cleaners, and i’m officially algae girl. GROSS.

and i’m so done with chinese. don’t know what i wrote, don’t know how am i going to present tomorrow. just hope i don’t screw it up. someone pls pray for me.


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