getting my own lunch

weak is me. i am weak. ok lah… so i fainted during my blood test yestermorning. no big deal right? aiyah, i’m so used to fainting until it’s nothing to me anymore… luckily doc drew enough blood for the intended test. not enough for others, nvm. suan le ba…

so i came back and slept for another few hours before waking up to slack, youtubing and watching tv again. at night, i headed down to the prawn fishing place at old reptile park with sis and xtine in tow. pretty fun!!! and we ‘tan dio’ lor… we (xtine and me) paid for an hour of fishing each ($13 per hour, $25 for 3) but we fished from 9.45pm to 2.45am. HAHAHAHAHA… and the uncle there helped us fish too, after sis complained that it was very difficult… a bunch of young boys gave us their 3 prawns too when we were abt to leave. they said they were only fishing for fun, they didn’t want the prawns. sis and me, being the gian peng type, said ‘ok lor, bu na bai bu na’ hahaha.. xtine also don’t want the prawns, so we took all the catch home, and they became our lunch today.

rough score now stands at-
xtine: 3
sis: 3
me: 1 (aiyah, i know lah… i’m the loser… bleah!!!)
free gift: 3+3


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