i had dinner with xtine and her friends today. it was kinda weird coz the purpose of the dinner was to send her fren off coz he was going to NZ tmr for army training. then i didn’t even know her fren lor… -_-“

but anyway, main point of this entry is not on the army boy going to NZ. it’s his fren… hahaha. xtine, fren and me adjourned to wala wala where xtine fren called his fren to join us. happens that fren2 stays just a few blocks away from me [which = i’m taxi driver for the night]. so we had drinks and chatted, and wanted to go kbox at lot1. but the boys weren’t interested in singing, and it wasn’t worth $78 singing for 1.5hrs.

aiyah, ANYWAY, after sending xtine and xtine fren home [both in bt panjang], i had to send fren2 back. maybe it was to break the silence, to avoid the awkwardness, we started chatting, and i realised that he’s pretty funny and lame… and pretty cute to boot too! hahaha.. ok, that’s all i wanted to say!


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