schedule for the week

monday: movie date with xtine *check*

blood diamond’s pretty good according to someone. i’d say it’s damn good. it reflected the facts of life, the brutality that truly does exist in this world. jerked me back to reality. no more living in my own fantasy world eh? it’s a sad fact that there are so many child soldiers. because of human nature – greed, these children are being robbed of their childhood. whatever happened to children playing with each other, animals and mother nature? guns are not toys, and should never land in the hands of children.

someone said “diamonds are not women’s best friend after all”
my take? “they still are. just make sure they are free (of charge) and conflict-free.” we can still enjoy our diamonds! there’s no way he is going to get out of this so easily. too bad! haha.

tuesday: facial in the evening *check*

a peaceful night was spent at home… just the way i like it!

wednesday: dinner date with joyce *check*

highlight? 3 bitching sessions in a single day! 2 with jaccyy, the lesbo partner. as if the afternoon one wasn’t enough, i met up with her for supper together with someone else in tow, and continued the afternoon session. lol. girls… looking forward to 3rd session with her later on.

thursday: dinner date with jac and ah ly *check*

i LOVE LOVE LOVE gal pals session = gossip session. haha, i’m such a girly girl. but the day didn’t quite start on a good note. i think i’m either stupid or stupid lah, i ate my medicine on an empty stomach again. ended up puking. yucks.

then after gal pal session, jac and i adjourned to upp thomson to meet her friend, shao, for prata. i didn’t have any though, too full for anything else. it was quite embarrassing coz jac kept on saying [for the longest time ever] that she wants to intro shao to me, that we are a pretty good match. -_-” but shao’s really quite friendly, and funny. and he’s going NSW soon, so mental note: be friends with him, so i can get KKs every holiday.

me likes my friends to be funny.
friday: –
saturday: –
sunday: –


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