for someone i once knew

i’m typing this with tears in my eyes, and subsequently streaming down my face uncontrollably.

this entry is dedicated to someone whom i met in church, to someone who changed my life and taught me to be someone friendlier, to someone who made my day,to someone whom i’ll never see again.

goodbye ruo yang.

all of a sudden, i feel so weak. he’s 20 yrs old, supposed to turn 21 this year. life is indeed so fragile. i do not know what happened coz i never made the effort to know him well. i’m ashamed of myself as he has always been friendly towards me, and made me feel at ease with the bunch of them. i’m sorry i didn’t try to know you better.

and because i never made the effort to know him while there was time, i lost a potential great friend. and because of this loss, i promise to treasure every single loved one of mine. i promise you.

if i have been mean to anyone of my friends, just smack my head and tell me. i don’t want to miss anymore chances.


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