not any other day

so i settled my craving for katong laksa with the lesbo partner today. let’s just call her LP for short from now on. after which, i finally got my ass down to town to check out the ipod nano. sadly, no (red). only available online, the guy said. grrr… they’re having a great offer now in store. buy a nano or video and get the power adaptor free. that’s $50+. and i know i will want it. =( i wonder if the consultant on the phone can accurately describe the colour to me when i call them tmr. and whether i can save enough to buy the nano on my own by cny. *wonders*

then we sashayed our way down to f21. wah lao, i didn’t manage to get anything, but LP did. as always. my shopping partner scores while i go home empty handed. not wanting to lose out, i pulled her to pull and bear. wth, the cutesy, comfy, casual grey jumper i saw is gone. nth else interests me. empty handed AGAIN.

last stop: royce chocolates. yes… chocolates and brownies from brownie factory. and long john silver’s combo 1 on the way home.

a short nap later, into the night, i asked LP out for prata since her mickey isn’t meeting her, and i think she’s done well, studying for her 2 papers this week. her rant time starts when i see her walking into the prata shop with a face so long, it reaches her tummy. me, being single, being bo chup, being quite a man, can’t say anything but just keep quiet. anything i say, is in edwin’s favour, and not in mine [i’ll just get scolded, so i better save my sorry arse].

a milo peng and plaster for the LP, a teh o kosong peng and mushroom cheese for me, i left a satisfied girl. =)


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