stupidity and retardation

LP and i have given it much thought: there’s no place for stupidity in our worlds. what’s up with stupid and retarded people? i don’t mean those with a proven medical condition, but people who are born normally, but they behave as if they don’t have a brain.

take this salesgirl mum and i met on wednesday night for example. i asked her to get a pair of slippers my size, and she gave me back the display slipper, as if asking me to put it back on the shelf. i looked back at her, then she proceeded to pass it to my mum. mum stared blankly at her, pushed the display slipper back to her. then she tried to pass mum the display a SECOND time! in the end, mum said “put it on the shelf lah, give me for what?”, then the girl nodded her head and put it back on the shelf. then after emerging from the storeroom (i assume that she has really tried to find slippers my size), she returned to standing beside my mum and just stared at her, not a word. mum looked at her, then tried to get my attention. then mum looked back at her, salesgirl stared back.
mum asked “no size?”
girl “oh yah, no size.”
mum and i looked at girl, decided to get out of the shop. she’s like retarded or what?! no size, say no size lah! stand there and look at my mum for what?!

LP and i have met so many stupid ppl recently till we give up and throw our arms up in despair. are these ppl stupid or are they stupid?!


on another note, some girls in LD are like freaking deluded. *roars together with LP* i wonder where did they get the freaking idea that a guy looking at a girl, die die 100% confirm means that the guy likes her?! every single little thing also think so much. *rolls eyes*


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