today’s not my day

i had the intention of bringing my laptop to the service centre for a ‘check up’ today. just in case it breaks down in perth. so i lugged the heavy thing down, all the way from cck to town, only to see big boards covering up the service centre. or rather, the space where the service centre used to be.

desperate to get my laptop fixed, i dialled all numbers of those whom i know might be at home and have internet. jac – no answer. joyce – no answer. ryan – no answer. sherwyn – answered, got internet, but fujitsu website down! WTH!

me sad. me angry.

i bought my fave char kuey teow on the way back, with 2 pkts of teh xiu dai. i also bought a pair of mondo shoes. $15.90 only! so cheap. but me still sad. =(


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