3am thoughts

i didn’t want to update my blog till i got my new toy. it’s scheduled to arrive end of this week. but i’m just too bored, so here it goes!

i resisted going for supper with LP and boy earlier on coz i had a headache. but axn was showing some good shows and i couldn’t miss it, so i popped a pill and continued watching tv instead of going to bed which was my initial plan. so a pill and some milo later, my headache was gone, and i was kept up till 3am.

then i thought, it’s time for bed. tossed and turned, couldn’t sleep now. tummy’s rumbling. gave it some thought, wanted to ask supper partner out but i wasn’t that hungry to make him come down. i merely wanted a snack. besides, high chance of me drinking teh xiu dai if we were to end up at the coffeeshop. teh = sleepless night. no go. thought i’d sleep it off, but i couldn’t. not to mention i was pretty bored too.

so i got up, read a page of my book, and decided to make myself a snack. just a sandwich, nothing more. then i decided to come online, and maybe update my blog. hopefully i’ll get tired soon and drift off to lala land. i still have mj with LP, boy and andy later on in the evening. hvn’t decided on the stakes yet, but probably 5-10, or 10-20?

jac’s pretty disgusted with someone lately. but i don’t know why, regardless of what someone does, i’m still pretty alright with it. perhaps i’ve grown accustomed to such behaviour, albeit disgusting. jac even once suggested me to play along but me no player, how to do such things?

i’m really rambling nonsense at 3.50am. and damn, i’ve got craving for tea at 302. i just had one earlier on at 10pm!


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