the weekend and everything in between

as mentioned before, i received my new toy. and i bought a case for her. i love the colour, it’s so rich and RED.
then, on sunday, i went over to jac’s friend’s plc to play mahjong. yay for me coz i dunno how, but i managed to win money! =D not much, but me is still happy! after that, we went for prata at cheese prata shop. and for the 1st time in my life, i felt that contentment lies in a simple looking piece of roti prata KOSONG. it was damn good, fragrant and crispy, delicious with just pure sugar. pair it with a glass of hot milo, it was pure bliss for me.

a pic of my darling’s new haircut. so CUTE!

my sis’s bf promised to bring me to vivocity next wk. i’d rather he pay for my shopping trip than just sending me there. =P i’m a big suaku, i know lah! i hvn’t been to vivo yet.

yesterday’s shopping trip with jac turned out disappointing. coz i wore new shoes out, and it hurts a lot. AND somehow, the heel of my right shoe dropped off. must be me too chor lor. i ended up buying a pair of sandals from URS. still my fav shoe brand. and in order to appease mum coz i still don’t have new clothes for cny, i ‘sui sui bian bian’ bought tshirts from giordano. better than nothing.

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