not alone on valentine’s

i thought i’d stay home on vday. after all, i don’t need reminding abt how single i am. ha ha. but anyway, i decided to meet up with xtine and do some shopping. and shop we did! i bought a RED DRESS from forever21, which i have no idea if i’m going to wear it more than once. then i bought a red and white singlet with flower prints from flowers in the attic. only consolation, both items aren’t too expensive. i still want an adidas jacket though. don’t know why, just feel like having a sports jacket.

then on the way home, i called up lesbo partner to check on her coz i thought her mickey didn’t managed to get nights off. so me being the very nice partner, should at least call her and chat the rest of vday away. but mickey was with her. ANYWAY, we then decided to go party sans mickey coz mickey’s going drinking with mark.

we ended up at phuture with lester and gabriel. to say the truth, before i met those 2 guys, i’ve heard and read so much abt them (and not to mention, LP wanted to intro lester to me -_-“) that i didn’t really like gab. mainly coz i thought he was irresponsible by speeding down the highway at 160km/h while he was DRUNK (or high, or whatever). and my darling LP was in his car! like wth lor… but anyway, last night he presented himself to be a nice guy, taking care of his drunk friend all the time, and taking care of the girls too. lester was funny and he was like crazy man. so partying with them was fun, not too bad. wrestled and bit a policeman. took many pictures, so dear jaccyy, send me pics? =)

let’s do this one more time before i fly off for the final time, that is, if mickey’s fine with it. *sings to the tune of “oh mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind. hey mickey!”


oh, on a side note, we met some of the contestants from that jue dui superstar too. i rmb seeing daren and that rocker guy. bleah, not that i like that rocker guy.


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