i woke up bright and early today, before 9am!!! it’s surprising coz i slept at ard 4am (miami ink and urban legends kept me up till 3am. took me a while before i drifted off to lala land)? anyway, i couldn’t get to slp coz i was hungry, and craving for chee cheong fun after jaccyy said she craved dim sum last night. damn! the only dim sum place i go to is 126 at geylang. now, at such a timing, how to go, you tell me?!

so in the end, i decided not to go to the trouble of making scrambled eggs and toasting waffles, i ordered mac instead. 6777 3777! and lo and behold, i found out that they now have BAGELS! i think i’m weird lah. ppl go for thigh meat or drumsticks, soft breads like croissant; i like chicken and duck breast meat, ciabattas and bagels. so hard and tough. but me likey very much.

i got a bagel for myself and a sausage mcmuffin w/ egg for granny, and 2 hashbrowns. see! i dote on my granny too ok…. though i bully her all the time. but then again, i bully like EVERYONE lah so it makes no difference. it arrived within 20 minutes (to my delight, coz mac deliveries usually take ages), and i gobbled it down in 15min.

and since tmr’s reunion dinner, i’ve taken it upon myself to plan food stuff to buy for steamboat. mushrooms, veggies, chicken, fish, prawns, hot dogs, crabsticks, pacific clams, abalone, fishballs etc. i’m still deciding if i want to cook gu lu yok… feel like eating, but lazy. need to pack up my stuff too, for cny and for returning back to perth.

BUT! for now, i’m going back to slp. *seriously, this is no good. i sleep and eat, eat and sleep, all the time*


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