money come!

cny. ahhhh… the most anticipated chinese festive season. and i enjoy and dislike cny for various reasons.

the bad

– i dislike entertaining relatives whom i don’t know well. don’t you ppl get sick of answering questions that have been asked a million times before? and sometimes, they even ask the same questions the previous years, like where are you studying now. hello?! i thought you had already asked this qn last year, can i have something new? luckily, i’m the youngest child, so hardly anyone asks if i have a boyfriend. more attention is paid to my sis in this area. ha ha.

– besides this, it’s so boring!!! no where to go, nothing to do. i can’t even have my dim sum and you tiao. ALL closed. only pratas. and nothing on tv. even if there is, my house is so freaking noisy i can’t hear a single thing. so i can only hide in the room and sleep, or play games, or play with my nephews.

the good

– the ang baos that reward me for my patient ‘entertaining’. and some are really big. hohoho!

– i get to see my favourite cousins and nephews! introducing the 2 youngest members of my family, jarrod & zachary chander! ain’t they cute? i don’t care. you’re not allowed to say anything less than cute. repeat after me: THEY ARE UBER CUTE!!!!

– my neighbour makes the world’s most delicious fu chok ever. like EVER. every year, i look forward to her giving us a huge bowl of her homemade tong shui, and i finish half of it before sharing it with the rest of my family.

– i get to stay up late on cny eve without getting nagged at coz my parents are up late themselves too. daddy doing some last minute cleaning up, while mummy asks me to help her pack ang baos.

– delicious food on eve and day 1. the usual roast duck, chicken and pork. abalone, calms etc. after which, the leftovers get thrown into a pot and ah ma makes her wonderful choi geok. i dunno what’s that, but it’s sour and spicy and lots of yummy stuff in there. sounds gross, but we love it. it’s a tradition to have choi geok for cny. but sadly, this year, we didn’t manage to buy the veggie (there’s a specific type), so choi geok will have to wait. probably day 3 or 4 when the market reopens.

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