crap queen

i was busy unpacking my room last night that i didn’t have time to talk to jac. and this morning i had class, so i didn’t call jac in the morning before her flight either.

glad to read her blog abt her ‘last events’ before she flew off. but she damn crap lah… kept talking abt me and lester. just because i saw and gave him a testimonial. then she say i want to marry him already. so crappola!

having said that, i still love her with all my heart! =D and we had a short video conference earlier, allowing moriji and moringo to meet. so cute.


something random – for some weird reason, my friends have taken it upon themselves to help me find a boyfriend. last holiday, jac made it her mission to hook me up with endless guys. this semester, the housemates declared they’d do anything to help me if any guy caught my eye. -_-“

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