grass is always greener on the other side

don’t you just hate your friends when they always seem to be so happening and have fun when you aren’t around? and when you’re in town, nothing fun ever happens. so bleah.

well, technically, mr wong isn’t my friend. but it sucks to see them having such fun partying the night away when i’m stuck with old people down under, and jaccy’s away in bkk, slogging her brain cells out. we didn’t manage to do such fun stuff when we were still in sg. =(

we just finished a bbq lunch. quite a success. nothing too big, just a few friends over to gossip and chat, and just have good food and fun. the housemates cleaned the house while i was at the library trying to photocopy tute qns after the wrap up. thanks housemates! for this, i entitle you 2 to a raunchy romp on my bed (pls do it only when i’m abt to wash my sheets pls.. hahaha). i know you 2 have been waiting for this, you horny bastards. =P

ok, since i have some time now, some pictures for ya!

taffy’s fashion parade!

moringo and taffy!

this reminds me of jaccyy…

new clothes: tees & dresses


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