same old, not quite

well. i know i promised pictures of my loot, but i’m just too lazy to take them and upload them. heck, my new stuff are still in their respective plastic bags, hanging off the hook! that’s daphne for ya. as if you don’t know.

then we went crabbing, as said. not much luck the first day with tom the un-aussie aussie as driver and guide. seriously, he’s like from china or something, so not australian, perthie, whatever. he took us on a ride down to mandurah, had hungry jacks, and came back up to perth.

better luck the next day with jelvin and crew. or in missy’s words, the CJ entourage. i was outnumbered to the max. but that’s ok. kinda got used to it coz most poly ppl enter the working world after graduation, so not many friends in common. for more info and pictures on crabbing event, pls look at missy’s blog.

for some reason, i’m so lethargic and lazy when i’m in perth. like i don’t know what to blog abt. i sleep all day long, and the only things that are on my mind are what tute to complete and what to cook for the next meal.


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