2nd week of sch

– i’ve enquired with sharon purchase regarding my entry to the honours program next year. hopefully, i’ll be able to keep my grades up this semester.

– finally gotten my dmp text from joseph, so i’m going to do some reading up later. have no clue what joey yang is talking abt during lectures at all.

– so far, none of my friends in the same mr tute as me. sucks. ninou placed me in a grp with 2 other guys. the last time i did a project with 2 other guys, my grade for that mktg unit was like 60 odd. can only work hard, and hope and pray that nick (the smart ass ang moh who has 82 for wam, and is also planning to apply for honours) can help to pull the grades up.

– im isn’t as easy peasy as i thought it would be. it’s not even near so-so standard. for the 1st tute, a case study from chapter 5 was given, and the answers are to be found from chapter 1 to 7, of which sharon purchase has only taught up to chapter 3. and by the end of this mth, there’s a quiz covering 8 chapters. which means, i’ve to read up 8 chapters of im by 3rd week of this mth in order to give me enough time to do revision.

ok, i’m going to read my books now. FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!


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