secrets are never secrets with jac

i’ve been trying to catch jac online. even though she’s mentioned that the secret she wants to tell me, would have me saying “CHEY! I thought what”, but the kpo-ness in me still wants to know. And i bet it’s a pretty funny one too, coz everything abt lester is a joke.

apart from that, this week has been pretty boring. jogging on monday night, yoga on tuesday, sore muscles for the next 3 days. jogging tmr again i guess. i really need to slim down in order to fit into my new jeans, and my nudie jeans which i’ve only worn once and can’t fit into it anymore. =( me is fat.

and we tried this new place along stirling hwy, food’s pretty good. but they’re due to close in 4 wks’ time.

and i suspect a close friend of mine is cheating on his gf. disgusting. all boys are disgusting.


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