i meant to do this

i meant to blog abt my monday actually. if the weather doesn’t turn cool soon, i’m going to start hating mondays. for some weird reason, mondays are always super duper hot here (well, ever since i came back). every monday, i’d walk to school, working up a sweat when i arrive at tute class. and the stupid classroom at the law building doesn’t have any freaking aircon nor fan. can you believe it??? law students pay so much money per semester, you’d expect at least a fan in each classroom. nah uh, not even a ceiling fan. only 2 pathetic windows and 1 door. the weather’s too hot for me to pay attention to the tutor.

and the TUTOR! i’d stab her with my pens uncapped if murder wasn’t a crime. she sucks big time, wonder how she’s managed to secure her tutoring position for so many years. going to her tute is seriously a waste of time, but going to other tutes wouldn’t help much coz ALL the tutes are handled by her. what the hell.

and this monday, a girl (i assume she’s from china, judging by the way she dressed) crashed into my class late, and she ended up sitting right across the tutor. maybe she just couldn’t be bothered, or perhaps the hot weather made her drowsy, she had the audacity to doze off right in front of the tutor!!! then nvm, after a while, she changed position (from resting head on her palm on table to leaning back on the chair) and continued slping.

weird china ppl.


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