birthdays and celebrations

happy birthday klo! hope you had a smashing good time starting from 12mn last night. =)

his birthday started off with him, peeing in the toilet, or so says missy. then we sent him on a treasure hunt for his birthday present. part 1 and 2 of the treasure hunt were conducted in his room and my toilet respectively. sadly, the files are way too big to be uploaded on youtube, but i assure u, as with all other ‘housemates’ videos, they’re freaking hilarious! *sompa*

part 3 onwards were taken in my room, which is where the present was kept. videos are already uploaded and linked on the right column

our birthday boy. isn’t he adorable???

then we had to make him his surprise birthday cake secretly last night and this morning. the irony of it all is it’s missy’s idea to make him the cake, but i had to do the dirty jobs, like trying to cook up excuses of why the “dirty looking burnt pot” was in the fridge instead of the sink (it was the base of the oreo cheesecake, and i said it was a new method to get rid of the burnt parts. yeah right, just chuck it in the fridge, and it’s easier to remove. how lame is that?), and saying that we were making fruit juice when we used the blender to chop up the biscuits. like wth?! i’m amazed at my lameness too.

then we surprised him by not telling him we invited his friends to the dinner, and he was shocked when he saw a table of 7 people waiting for him at the steakhouse. maybe he knew what was up our sleeves, maybe he didn’t. if klo knew, then he’s a bloody good actor. if he didn’t, then he’s really a dumbass! haha. but all in all, we had a good night.

on the way back, we were talking abt presents and celebrations, which led me to think. how many of my friends actually remembered my birthday last year when it was my big 21? and out of those few, how many came to my celebration party at phuture, and how many presents i received?

i think the only present i received from my friends (family not counted) was from xtine (i love this girl to bits though she can irritate the shit outta me sometimes). yeap, that was it. the rest who didn’t give presents, not even a dinner or drink. not that i’m out for presents, but anyway, thanks guys for the 21st birthday memories (or lack?).

i came back from dinner, then surprise surprise! long time ex-crush msned me! after our quarrel on msn few months back, i hvn’t been able to gather courage to talk to him again. i’m just too proud to say sorry i guess. but anyway, he’s back in england now for his phd, and maybe that explains why he’s talking to me. we always talk when i’m in perth, he in uk. like old friends. i mean, we are old friends, but we hardly talk. and he dropped a bomb on me: he traded in his sg citizenship for english citizenship. fair enough, he’s born in england, but i wouldn’t expect him to stay in uk for the rest of his life. his friends and family are all in singapore! and what abt me?! we haven’t met up since my poly days, and it was only that one day, or rather, hour that we met outside the tennis courts with me avoiding his eyes all the time. because i was too paiseh after confessing to him that i liked him.

me is sad. because he’s so far away from us. and because i have to wake up at 7am tmr for work. why can’t the carparks charge lower, so i can drive to work? it’s minimum $3.50 per hour in the city, and there are some carparks that charge an exhorbitant $5 per hour. MADNESS!


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