finally some fun

i know i promised pictures but me lazy tonight. tmr ok? saturday with mambo night pictures. i dunno why i agreed to go coz i have bad memories. but then again, i bought this dress at the kookai sale yesterday and i just so want to wear it like NOW! so i decided, for the sake of wearing the dress, i shall go! so shallow right?

anyway, i don’t have to work for the rest of the week, and tmr’s only dmp lecture, no tutes. i thought i shld get a break (i’ve been trying to catch up on work and slp early since monday coz i had to wake up early for work), and ditched my books for tonight, played fairy godmother tycoon instead and finally completed the whole game!

here am i now, bitching with my favourite bitch partner abt the whole maximus family and how lame they are, especially the lao da. and how much she hates the malay girl we met at zouk last night. how that girl tried to seduce lester away from me, or so jac claims. (disclaimer: that was the 1st time i met him, and he’s never mine to begin with. i barely know that man!)

and i bought my new fave mag ‘shop till you drop’. really is shop till you drop ok… so many things inside! i want everything!


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