just another weekend

mambo night was ok. this time, it was held at metro city, way better and bigger than sucky paramount. but we went pretty late, so retro hour was over, and r&b was only for a short while before it turned to techno. i had to get out of the club before the thumping music made me puke. it’s not the alcohol ok… i only had 1 glass of vodka sprite, “more sprite less vodka pls”. we must have been really good kids last semester. a lot has changed in the perth clubbing scene. for starters, no smoking allowed in all clubs now. YAY! no more smelly hair and stinky clothes. and metro actually have this metal detector thing outside their club. it’s the first time i’ve actually seen one of these things outside a club, so i think it’s pretty cool.

on a side note, J had a showdown with L regarding N, and E got fed up and yelled at J too. not a pretty scene at all. my views? it’s all pretty silly. everyone just give in and suck a lolly. now everyone’s unhappy with each other and future gatherings are going to be weird. *sings to ‘look what you’ve done’*


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