meanie baby

i’m being a very mean person lately. or rather, i’ve always been mean, just a tad meaner than usual.

first i blocked some person off msn. this person always complains that he’s so busy but yet always find time to message me the SECOND i appear online. if i don’t reply, then this same person would keep msging me, asking me to stop ignoring him. you piss me off, so i appear offline. then after a few attempts, he then smses me and ask why i appear offline everytime he tries to talk to me. after replying politely that i’m busy and my msn auto logs in when i’m AFK (which obviously is NOT the truth, i just fucking don’t want to talk to you. don’t you get it?), he says “i thought you were angry with me and didn’t want to talk to me”. eh look, if you’re really so busy, then go do your work and stop bothering me ok?!

first of all, i’m in no way attracted to him. fat nevermind, i can overlook that fact. don’t know what gave him the idea, but he thought that i liked him. he’s like so deluded. secondly, he bugs all of us (the house) whenever he has some problem with girls that he’s dating. then for god’s sake, just stop dating singaporean girls, u stupid mofo. and i don’t fucking care about your (non)existant love life. just quit whining like a girl and act like a man. thirdly, he gets touchy with me all the time, and i hate it. i’m not even that close to him to have such contact. i can hug my close guy friends and even kiss them on the cheek, and let them pinch my butt (thinks of neer), but certainly not this fat guy i’m talking abt here. and he doesn’t only do it to me, he does it to missy too. like are you blind? are you that big till your fats blocked your vision? her bf is right in front of you, a close friend you claim, and you do that to his gf?! fucking idiot. RAWR

then this irritating girl from LD is bugging jaccyy big time, regarding her complicated love life. actually, it’s not so complicated from the way i see it. it’s a simple case of girl likes boy, girl gets OBSESSED with boy and fusses over every single action he makes or didn’t make. girl should just get a life without boy, or continue being obsessed and stop bugging jaccyy.

now she’s turning towards me, and starting to bug me about mesotherapy too, via jaccyy. but luckily i was already in a mean mood when it happened, and i stopped her from being whiny and naggy and what have you. simply asked her to google everything. just gave her the name of the clinic and *SHOO*. she told jac she’s afraid of me coz i’m so fierce. whatever. i’m not in a good samaritan mood. RAWRSSS

this friday is good friday, so friday classes got brought forward to tmr. full day for the housemates tmr, 5 hours of classes for me. feel so tired just thinking abt it. and i’ve yet to do my work for project meeting tmr. and a report is due next wednesday, my group members are like so whatever, the other guy is doing everything on his own, not letting us in. RAWRSSSSSSSSSSSS

would someone just talk to me and tell me funny stuff? someone i like pls.


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