feeling emo

today’s dmp paper was a toughie for me, and i came out of the exam venue feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself. the paper’s tough because i didn’t study hard enough for it. the qns were mainly calculations which made me even madder at myself coz i know if i just put in enough effort to memorize the formulas and different graphs, i might have a chance at doing relatively ok. now, i can only pray for a pass. that’s how bad it is.

in the afternoon, while doing my project in the library, my groupmate told me that the results for IM test is out. surprisingly, i got a distinction for it, 29 out of 40. nothing fantastic, but it lifted my mood for a while.
when times get tough, pictures never fail to make me smile and continue working harder.
how cute is she?!!! she *always* make me smile, and want to go home asap.
he would probably kill me for posting his picture up here, but he doesn’t know of this place anyway. though we’ve known each other for nearly a decade, i still don’t get sick of him. well, at least, not yet. and he probably doesn’t know how impt he is to me, but i do treasure him lots. and NO, HE’S NOT MY BF.
i can’t find any other ugly pictures of this biatch here, so this will have to do (this is MY blog, so no one else can be prettier than me. ha ha). she never fails to make me laugh with her exaggerated reactions to every thing nini does, or what she saw and heard during her day. she’s so animated, she’s almost like the cartoon channel to me.
how can anyone else be more important than these angels? i have a funky family!
my ah ma actually spoke broken english to my dog when we were away in taiwan for a vacation. which grandmother would actually say “tomolo, mummy, daddy, jie jie come home ok?” to a dog?! and the hilarious part is not my ah ma speaking english, but she using english, rather than hokkien.
my funky dad! i absolutely love him despite me calling him all kinds of names like ah bui, fatty bom bom, 猪八戒,臭tan etc (jac and the happy couple next door can attest to that). he allows me to do almost anything i want, including punch him and bite him and even put an underwear over his head! (i still couldn’t get him to let me pluck out one of his 脚毛. =P) perhaps it’s because i don’t really treat him as my dad, there’s no distance between us, and i can tell him every thing that goes through my mind. well, almost everything.
the 2 管家婆in the house. the one on the left is nicknamed orange, carebear, pork chop etc. similar to the poor character above, i’m allowed to give her almost any nickname that tickles my fancy. she’s the one to teach me how to cook certain dishes, even though she’s not really a good cook (her cooking’s too bland!). she’s the one who paid for my mesotherapy session and was the mastermind behind it in fact! she’s the blur queen who always makes us laugh. and SHE’s the one who attempted to eat straight from fyfy’s bowl when my sis commented that there’s too much food for fyfy. O.O!!!
the other one on the right, also very funny and lame. even though she irks me all the time, and bullies me into paying for mac and pizza deliveries ALL the time, i still heart her. she buys stuff for me during sprees too, when i’m in australia. even though she never asks me if i’ve got enough money or not when i’m going out now (she used to give me some cash, not just asking for fun), but i still manage to make her pay for my online shopping! hahaha. she’s the one with the face (i admit, she’s got nicer skin than me. damnit!), but hey hey! i’m the one with the brains. *boings around* lalala.

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