dreamy nights

i’ve been having loads of weird dreams lately. one being the most random dream, i dreamt that a certain mr kgl was my bf. and i don’t even know him! i’ve only met him once, so i don’t know why he appeared in my dream. but anyway, i dreamt that he was my bf right, and i know that he’s a cheater (in real life too). so i kept asking him on purpose who was calling him and stuff, taunting him. it’s weird really, coz that’s what my dear friend (who used to date mr kgl) did. =/

this other dream, was abt me being friends with the cast of corner with love! hahahaha… i bet my neighbours are laughing their ass off now… probably at 5am in the morning again. tsk… just don’t wake me up with your loud laughter OKKKKKKKKK…. haha. anyway, yah lah, then xiao zhu was really charming and tall, and so was that japanese guy. woo hooo….


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