you shall just rot in hell!!!!


i thought i wouldn’t be updating for quite a while since my last post coz i’ve been busy doing my reports and starting revision for the upcoming exams. BUT this particular girl actually made me damn fucking pissed and fed up that i just had to come in here to vent my anger. i don’t care if that person is reading my blog. i just had enough. don’t come and test my patience, push the limit.

i’ve known her for more than a year now, and everytime i just dread doing projects with her. why? coz she’s a lousy group mate who either doesn’t do her work, or hand in shoddy work. now, everyone who knows me will know that i cannot stand ppl without work ethics, be it a friend or classmate or anyone i know. i just fucking hate ppl without a sense of responsibility and ppl who pull me down when they don’t do their work properly. i take pride in my work and studies, so don’t come and mess with me.

i don’t think it’s just me who has an opinion against her. from the very first project i did with her (A&P), the other 2 group members have already voiced out their displeasure to me. i’ve also talked to my other 2 current group members, i’m not the only one feeling frustrated.

we’ve decided not to give her too much work to do, letting the bulk of the project fall on the 3 of us. coz anyway, if she can’t even complete a simple assignment given to her (by us), we can’t afford to let her have an equal share in the project. as i’ve said, don’t mess with me and my grades. it’s alright if you’re just aiming for a pass or maybe a credit. maybe you shld just work with ppl who only aim for a similar grade to you. i want a minimum of distinction, better if it’s near to a HD or even a HD itself. i want to graduate with honours ok!

be rest assured, ms ong. if you screw up this simple assignment this time, you won’t be seeing your name on the final report we hand in. my promise to you. =) we’ve been nice for so long. letting you skip meetings just because you have work, then your bf comes to visit, after that, your parents come to visit. never ending list of visitors huh? wanyi and eugene may keep quiet, but that doesn’t mean that they’re happy with what you’re doing. just because they’re nice people, doesn’t mean that they’re pushovers. and as for me, you already know that i’m not a pushover either.


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