just so

warning: this is going to be a pretty boring entry, lots of school-related stuff ahead.

1) i got back my finance test results last thursday, or was it friday? can’t remember. surprisingly, i managed to pass, really low grade though. not that i’m complaining, coz i really didn’t study much for it, so thank God.

2) the project that i was complaining in a previous entry had a deadline extension, so i’m still stuck doing it. i swear i’m going braindead soon. i can’t even type properly. i had to pause for a while, try to recall how to spell brain, before i continued typing. this project is just so exhausting. =(

3) not really academic stuff, but it happened in school. i got into my first accident today. *runs and hides* i accidentally crashed into a 4wd’s fender while reversing to get a parking lot. no damages for 4wd except for a few scratches, but my left tail light’s gone. =( gonna have to shell out some money and time tmr to get a new casing.

oh, and something reallllly random, i managed to fit into my nudies for the 2nd time today, after owning it for abt 6 mths. yeah.

and it’s that time of the year again where work piles up and i don’t wish to speak to anyone in sg. i don’t know why, but i just get so tired of school and everything that when the opportunity comes for me to talk to my friends back home, i’m just too tired to do so. like i don’t wish to repeat what i told my friends in perth anymore. it happens everytime exams are round the corner, i just clam up.

forgive me if you’re experiencing such treatment from me. meanwhile, just read my blog for updates k?


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