virgin post

well well well… i’m finally done fiddling with all those options that blogger never used to have. and i’ve learnt to appreciate the originals. it’s bye bye blogger, and hi wordpress. i’m actually quite happy with blogger though, having it as part of my life for quite a while.

so why did i decide to move? i don’t really know. see, i’ve always thought of my blog to be a outlet for me to vent frustrations, rant about my life and stuff. but it being online, more and more (random) people are reading it, and soon, i realised that some of the people that i’m ranting about, are reading it! and it hurts friendships coz sometimes, all i wanna do is to word vomit and get over it.

if i gave you the key to being here = i trust you = do not link me anywhere = do not bookmark me = do not tell anyone this is me = anyone includes your boyfriend AND your dog.


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