bake freak

i just love baking since a long time ago. i remember the days where mum would be creaming butter and sugar in the kitchen late at night, after work, and i’d always dip my fingers in for a quick tasting. mum would bake all sorts of yummy stuff like cupcakes and cookies. i think that cooking streak rubbed off me coz i started baking too. i love making mini cupcakes and all sorts of cookies for my mum and aunt to bring to work. but i hate the washing up part, so i stopped baking soon.

since coming over here, i started baking again. i started off with boxed premixes coz we didn’t own measuring cups. then i made some banana muffins from scratch, using teacups as my measuring cup. i think i might want to make some nice cakes, muffins and cookies from scratch soon. i still like baking from scratch, rather than from a box (often far too sweet for my liking). now, to buy that measuring cup and measuring spoons!


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