of movies and music

we caught ‘at world’s end’ on tuesday. we always watch movies on tuesday, mainly because we are cheapos (all movies are only $8.50 on tuesdays) and also because we have the day off on tuesday.

ok, basically the show ends the trilogy (i think it’s a trilogy), but i didn’t really understood what was going on in the show. just saw lots of bantering here and there, but don’t understand a single word. why? coz no subtitles! i’ve this habit of reading subtitles even though i understand the language in which the film was made. i think i’m just slow and hard of hearing. and exotic singapore, they say? i nearly PMGO and ROFLMAO when i was how singapore was portrayed. the movie made singaporeans to look like dirty uneducated fools. and seriously, they look like farmers, rather than pirates. and i thought calypso was super redundant.

anyway, my favourite part of the movie? when the monkey took out its ‘gun’ and tried to shoot the parrot when everyone else had their guns pointed at each other. it was hilarious!!!


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