pass the reading glasses please

everyone worth knowing in addition to the cupcake book i bought today, i bought 2 other light reading books as well. one aptly titled “gucci mamas” by cate kendallgucci mamas, and the other “everyone worth knowing” by lauren weisberger (the famed author who wrote “the devil wears prada”).

hopefully they’re good so i can recommend you peeps to read! but be forewarned, anything that i read, especially of such titles, are non-serious material!


i’ve finished gucci mamas, and i thought it was pretty good and makes you take a different perspective to life. story’s abt this lady called Mim who has been caught up in the world of LV, Prada and other material goods, so much so that she has forgotten to appreciate other treasures of life, namely her husband and her kids. take a look on how she managed to come to her senses.


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