counting down the hours

though my house’s full of people now, in abt 10 hours time, it’s going to be pretty empty and deserted. i’m not really looking forward to it though. i like peace and quietness, but not solid silence, only to be broken up by cars driving past. hopefully, time will just fly by quickly without me even taking much note of it. i’ve done up a list of stuff to complete before they come back. i want to get the house spick and span and sparkling clean!

i spent the weekend at cousin’s, and those 2 little boys are more than a handful! but they’re really quite cute too. had good food too, with my aunt taking charge of the kitchen. i foresee that my plan to lose weight has been foiled. i think i’m going to spend the next weekend over there too, since there’s nothing much for me to do here anyway. i spent most of today making myself comfy on the couch, watching aunt’s new dvd set “without a trace”. it’s another of jerry bruckheimer’s productions, and as usual, i’m addicted to it now.

the local video rental shop has got some new releases, of which i wanted to watch in the cinemas but never managed to make it there, and according to the website, they have “without a trace” too. hopefully they still have them, and i’m going to pig out on the couch too!


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