childhood memories

so the sister has been here for 2 days (today’s the 3rd day), and yesterday, man…. she shopped quite a bit!

HER tally board
$230 BETTINA LIANO jeans – even I also don’t own a pair! but to be fair, she doesn’t own many pairs of jeans, and i have my nudies.
$10 cardi and $15 “why can’t i have everything” tee from supre
3 for $30 henley tops from jay jays
$30 cute mini smock dress, $4.95 belt from just jeans
$44.50 i love billy shoes (my fave brand of shoes here, they’re super soft and comfy!)
and the 2 pairs of PA shorts, just jeans ms piggy tee i bought for her before she came to visit.

MY tally board
$44.50 i love billy shoes (offer was buy 2nd pair at 50% off, so we bought a pair each. different designs of course.)
$30 “little ms chatterbox” tee from just jeans – they had “little ms trouble” , “little ms naughty”  as well.
$20 “rainbow brite” tee from jay jays. this is roughly how my tee looks like, just that mine’s a normal tee cut, and a block colour.


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