some readings

i’ve been sick since my sister left, so pardon the lack of entries even though i’ve got plenty of time now. think i caught the flu bug which is almost everywhere since it has been raining almost every week and it’s cold everywhere. i don’t even know if i’m running a fever coz it’s so cold here, i can’t differentiate if i’m having a fever and thus feeling cold, or because it is really cold. i’ve been good, eating light meals like porridge and bread, except for that one piece of chocolate i snucked when i was alone at home.

anyway, with all that time in bed, i completed a book titled “lovers and players” by jackie collins, and i think it’s 100% chick lit. doesn’t really make any sense, nor has it a moral for you to learn, but yeah, entertaining book all the same.

for those who like CSI, i’d recommend you to watch numb3rs and without a trace if you have the time. i’ve completed both TV series (2 seasons each) in abt 3 weeks. highly addictive!!!


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