not exactly up and well

i finally decided to pay the doctor a dreaded visit. i just don’t like visiting her coz she always looks at us (students) in a funny way, and reprimands us for the slightest thing which, by the way, has got nothing to with her or the reason why i’m at her clinic. anyway, she gave me a prescription for antibiotics and yeah, i’m feeling better abt that throat infection already.

i had this feeling that i’m down from throat infection, coz no surprises, i’m super prone to them. so much so that my own doctor back home (not this naggy lady) threatened to put me in an operation to take out my tonsils that cause me this problem every few months or so. maybe i talk too much or too loud, or perhaps both.

then half an hour later when i’m just out of my house, turning right to the hustle and bustle of the busy street, i got stopped by 2 middle-aged ladies and 1 senior uncle. happens that one of the ladies is helping her son find a house and was just wondering if any of the houses are vacant at the moment. sadly, all of them have been filled up recently. i told her a few other options that she and her son could take and i wish that he could really find a place to stay soon. school’s starting next week, and it’s no fun trying to find a place to stay when you’re still a freshie and trying to keep up with the information piled onto you.

as she related her ‘story’ to me, i can’t help but think of the day i reached this country, all alone. it was 2 years ago, and i think i’ll never forget that day. it was a life-changing decision i made to come here, and it has truly changed my life, my perspective on things. and i’ll miss this place, no matter how boring it is. besides, i’ve got my nephews and cousin here now. they should have come here earlier!!!

on reading notes, i’ve finished ‘everyone worth knowing’ by lauren weisberger (the author who wrote ‘the devil wears prada’), and it really gives you an insight to how party planners work. i’m having 2nd thoughts about wanting to work in the event planning industry now coz i don’t think i’m up for the challenge. of course, with all good chick lits, the leading lady ends up with a very good and suave man.

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